Turkey Day Blues

Folks, Thanksgiving Day is coming, so I wrote a little Ditty

I ain’t feeling so good, so it ain’t gonna be very witty

I’m trying to look at it from the Turkey’s standpoint

He’s probably gonna be eaten at a barbeque joint

Turkey Day Blues

My name is Homer, I’m just a Tom turkey

My future is really looking kinda murky

Thanksgiving Day is rolling around

I’m scared to death that I’m going down

They’ll chop off my head, and stuff my behind

With Herbs, Bread and Basil, and add a thyme

Last year they got my brother, his name was Tom

I had to watch while they killed him, Lord, what a bomb

They’ve really been feeding us, they want to fatten us up

I’ve refused to eat most of mine, I gave it all to the pup

They’ve been planning this day, they’ll set a fine table

They ain’t gonna eat this old bird, not while I’m able

I’ll run and hide somewhere and try to get away

It’s always so fearful on Thanksgiving Day

I feel a little better, guess I’ll face the facts

The farmer is coming; he’s toting his axe

In just a minute, I reckon I’ll be dead

He’s in a hurry to chop off my head

I’m safe today, now that’s a booster

Thank you Jesus, he’s after the ROOSTER

I’ll surely give thanks for his mercy, I’ll have to say

What a wonderful feeling, to be alive on Thanhksgiving Day


Buddy Simmons

October 9, 2017

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